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The Process.

We cover Turkey, Hens, and Bantam eggs which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We prefer using the eggs from our own chickens because they are generally larger and have a stronger shell than the store or supermarket eggs.

We start by piercing the ends of the eggs with a small hole and blow the egg out of the shell. The egg is then rinsed and baked to ensure that the egg is completely dry. The next process involves creating a "cane" from various polymer clays (similar to a candy cane.. hence the term). The clays are worked together using a hand cranked pasta roller until the desired pattern or combination is achieved. Thin slices are then shaved from the cane and applied to the egg using a handheld rolling tool to ensure a smooth and even coverage. Once applied, the egg is then baked once again to harden the clay. After the final baking, the sanding and buffing process can begin. The egg is sanded many times starting with a course sandpaper and finishing with a 2000 Grit (automotive) sandpaper. Once sanded, the egg is then buffed by hand to a high glossy shine using several carefully selected fabrics.

What is important to understand, is that NO two eggs will ever be the same, even if they were created from the same cane.




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