Here you will find a wonderful selection of exquisite and truly unique eggs. These are actual eggs that are covered in a hardened thin layer of colored polymer clays.

The egg can vary in size from the very tiny button quail egg to the large goose eggs, with prices starting as low as $20, and many designs and patterns to choose from. Larger eggs or specialty items are available upon special request.

These eggs make wonderful gifts, window or desktop ornaments, tree or hanging  ornaments.

Through the centuries eggs have come to symbolize the cycle of rebirth and regeneration.  They have played a role in many cultures throughout the world. With more notable roles as having been given as gifts to express ones love, used as lucky charms, deemed to posses magical powers, and even planted in the ground to guarantee a good harvest. We are not proclaiming that our eggs have any lucky, magical, or fertility qualities.  Quite simply these are one of a kind works of art.

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